1 Instagram Tip That Will Make Your Followers Love You

People are all about convenience and making their lives easier.  This is also the case on social media.  On Instagram, there is one simple thing that you can do to give your followers a better experience and in turn make them love you even more:

Which of these is easier to read?   #ireallywantamargarita or #IReallyWantAMargarita

The first option isn't impossible to read, but the second is much better.  Capitalize the first letter of each new word in your hashtags to make them easier to read!  It makes an Instagram (and twitter for that matter) experience much more simple and cuts down on wasted time on the viewers end.  It's also aesthetically pleasing.  I can't tell you how many times I've encountered these two scenarios-

1.  A super long hashtag that was supposed to be funny, but by the time I figured out what it said I was drained and it wasn't funny anymore.

2.  Bad words that weren't meant to be.  Example: #sweetassugar (though it's always funny to me when I encounter these, ha!).  We automatically process capital letters as new words, so this small adjustment can make a huge impact when others are reading your hashtags.  They may be even more likely to read your image descriptions because they know that your hashtags will be clear cut.

Tip:  The best thing about this is that your past hashtags are saved and they're case-sensitive.  This means you would only have to capitalize your hashtag once and going forward you can just select it from the list.  This can be especially useful with hashtags that you use frequently for your blog or business.  For example, I use #ColorHugging when I post an image that incorporates lots of color.

I hope you consider using capitalization in your hashtags.  It's a small step that can make a huge impact!