3 Reasons That Repetitive Information Is Beneficial

I have been watching various business webinars for a while now and they have discussed similar strategies for building an engaged audience, increasing your social media following, etc.  I've noticed that the strategies that were taught were similar across all of the webinars.  Even more interesting is that the people hosting the webinars have collaborated with each other but both have taught the same exact strategies in their individual courses.  When I came to this realization, I had two choices...either stop watching webinars because "I know it all now" or continue watching them anyway and let it all soak in.  I decided to go with the latter choice because no one really knows it all and education is never a bad thing.  With that in mind, I would like to share three reasons that repetitive information can work in your favor.

1. Repetitive messages become ingrained in you- The more that you are exposed to something, the more that it is likely to become a part of your thought process and/or lifestyle.  If you constantly hear the same advice for a particular topic, you will find it easier to remember and you may be able to educate someone else on it. Is that a bad thing?  I don't think so.  It's similar to studying for a test.  You are first given a lecture, you take notes, you study the notes then when you are tested you know the answers.

2. The information must be true and important/crucial-  If you are constantly hearing the same tips from multiple sources, nine times out of ten the information is accurate, relevant and important.  This can just be further confirmation that you are on the right track with what you're searching for because various people attest to it.

3. The delivery will be different because the presenter is different-  If you hear a presentation by two different people about the same topic, you will get a totally different experience and perspective between the two.  That's the beauty of individuality and the reason that we have so many similar versions of food in the grocery store.  Corn flakes are corn flakes regardless who makes them.  If they were the same price, the way they're presented/displayed ends up being the determining factor in the purchase.  This is the same for information;  if it's "packaged" well, it will be received better.

As you are searching online for tips to improve your blog and/or business, just remember these three points if you are noticing similar information in your results.  You're on the right track and your brain is taking it all in!