Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I use automation in my blogging process?

WOW! The questions should be how can I NOT use it!  To start, you can compose your blog posts without typing (huh?! read how here), save your blog post ideas in an organized fashion with just the click of one button on your phone (yep, check it out here), you can find ideas for new blog posts by setting up a simple automated task so that you don’t have to rack your brain trying to come up with something (read more about it here), you can post to certain social media accounts on auto-pilot...all of these things you can do with some initial setup to get it going.  Check out all of the blog posts for information on how to do it.

Is all automation good?

NO!!  Like and Comment bots are the archnemesis of the good bots because they're annoying and they don't make a true connection with people. Would you rather receive comments on your Instagram photos like this...



...or this?


I pick #2 because it shows that there is a human behind the text.  The comment was directly related to the post, not some generic one-size-fits-all comment or just emojis.  This encourages engagement and you may even make a new friend!

I am not a tech person.  Are your tech tips easy to follow?

Yes, because I’m not fully a tech person either (my degree is in Graphic Design, not IT, but I know a little something something here and there) so I don’t use technical terms, I keep it simple.  Now some of my tech training may be lengthy, but it depends on the topic.  I break down my tech training by beginner and intermediate.  There’s nothing advanced here, so don’t fret :)

I want to get started in email marketing but I don't know if I should use MailChimp or Convertkit.  Help!

The short answer is MailChimp.  Here’s a post on MailChimp vs. Convertkit that goes into details on each.

I want to start a blog but have no clue where to start or what to do.  Help!

I only have experience blogging in Blogger and Squarespace.  Blogger is okay, but Squarespace offers so much more because it can be both a website and blog all in one.  I use Squarespace and this post explains why.

For starters, you need to figure out the purpose that your blog will serve along with the people that you want to attract.  This post should help you determine this beginner info before you dive into blogging.  After determining this info, this post will tell you what you should focus on as a beginner blogger.


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