7 Necessities For Creatives To Pack In A Carry-On

When you're a blogger/biz owner, packing a carry-on is a little different than what the average person would pack.  Sure there will be some similarities in items, but the use will be different.  Today I would like to share with you 7 "Must have" items to pack in your carry-on when you're on a flight.


1 /  Electronics (laptop, iPad, phone, chargers, camera, etc.)

This is a no-brainer, but what you will be doing with these items is different from the norm.  Your laptop won't be used for watching movies, it will be used for getting blog posts written, newsletters written, social media scheduled, etc.  As mentioned before, Down Time Is Up Time!  Use this time to get some solid work done.  You will be sitting on an airplane for at least an hour, so use this time wisely!  I suggest creating an outline of what you plan to work on in-flight so that you have a clear game plan before taking off.  While you're working, why not listen to a playlist that really gets you pumped and into the mindset to work?  Oh, and in-flight Wi-Fi is a business tax deduction.  You're welcome.  Also, don't forget the external charger!  With all of the power being used, it's good to have a portable backup battery.

2 / A small notebook + writing instrument

No matter how much technology there is, you should always keep a notebook and writing instrument with you because sometimes you just need to sketch something out on real paper, write a quick note or make sure that you still know how to write in cursive :)  Typing can be so dry, and since we do it so often why not switch it up every now and then?  I love the physical act of writing and my sketchbook (that's what I carry with me) has lots of ideas for new products, blog graphics, email layouts, etc. in there as a result.  It's just another way to flex your creative muscles.

3 / Business Cards

Some people believe that business cards are irrelevant.  I totally disagree!  How are you supposed to exchange info with someone that you just met if you don't have a card?  Call them and say "Okay, that's my number, lock it in"?  Uh, no.  Unprofessional.  The key to a great business card is to make people want to keep it.  So maybe there is an irrelevant business card: a boring one!  Your card should entice people and get them to want to visit your website, contact you, follow you on IG, etc.  Think outside of the box and get creative.  Read about the 5 things that will make your business card legit.

4 / Credit Card Reader

This should be with you at ALL TIMES.  You never know who you may meet and if you offer services and they are interested in booking with you, pull out your card reader and process the transaction on the spot!  The more convenient that you make things, the happier people will be.  Though you may not be able to use the card reader in-flight, you can definitely use it while you are out of town.  You don't want to lose this, so keep it close by as you would your wallet.  I mean, it's something that will help to fill you wallet, right?  If you don't have a card reader, you can always accept payments through the Cash app.  It links directly to your debit card enabling instant deposits to your account!

5 / An Industry Magazine

Listen, when I say down time is up time, I mean it!  Let's say you've completed the tasks that you set to do while on your flight.  Now is the time to relax!  Pull out a magazine related to your blog/biz industry, and catch up on the latest trends, programs, recipes, etc.  You can relax and still get some work done.  It's research!  And yes, research is tax deductible as well, meaning your industry related magazine subscriptions and individual purchases.

6 / A Small Pouch For Receipts

I know it's 2016 and all, but believe it or not paper receipts still exist.  I suggest packing a small bag (a makeup bag will do!) to keep all of your receipts in from your trip that are business related.  It will be easier to file them later on if they're all in one place.  If you absolutely hate paper, take a pic of the receipt with your phone and file it away in the "business receipts" folder that you will create on your phone.  This way you can keep track of your receipt digitally and you can ditch the paper (goooo recycle bins!).  Read more about blog/biz tax deductions that you may not be aware of.  If you're really into devices, you may even want to pack a mini scanner so that you can scan your receipts and they can be uploaded to your cloud!

7 / Your Favorite Travel Mug

Sometimes when you're traveling, it's the little things that can make you feel at home.  Pack your favorite mug in your carry-on and fill that baby up after you have gone through security.  Use it every day while you're out of town to remind you of home.  Chances are that your mug is cuter than the generic cups that you will get from a coffee shop.  Plus, some coffee shops offer a discount for providing your own cup.  Save those coins for happy hour instead!

Outside of things that you should pack, you should also be aware of your appearance.  Dress for comfort but be stylish.  You don't want to look messy because you never know who you may meet.  Try a comfortable blazer or jacket, stylish, comfy flats and a versatile yet stylish carry on bag.  If you look professional, you will be seen as a professional.

Lastly, I know that being on an airplane can be a great time to catch up on much needed sleep.  Though I do believe that the time should be used being productive, health trumps all.  If your body is telling you that you need to sleep, go ahead and catch some zzz's.  A well rested mind and body is the recipe for generating crazy good ideas!

What are some of your favorite things to pack in your carry-on when traveling that helps with your productivity?

Disclaimer: I'm not a tax specialist and recommend that you consult with your accountant for your personal tax situation.