Looking Forward to Helping You and Your Business/Blog!

Hello!  My name is Lauren Myers and I am the owner and creative director of the Social Paper company, Color Hug.  That's right, just give me a color and I will hug the living daylight out of it!  If you are right there with me, lets give each other a virtual fist bump.

Well then, now that we've gotten the small talk out of the way, let just jump right in!

There are a few things that I intend to bring to you as a reader of my blog.  You will see icons that categorize each post into one of these four helpful topics//

1. Creative Business Tips- I will give sound advice on situations that I've experienced first hand and ways to avoid certain pitfalls in business.  I will also share ways that you can add a little more creativity and consistency to your blog or business.

2. Mobile Photography Tips- We are all photographers now that we have high quality cameras in our pockets, right?  Wrong!  I will share tips on how to make your mobile photos look good, and a lot of these tips will involve thinking outside of the box.

3. Blogging Tips- I have 8 years of blogging experience and have learned a lot along the way.  I'm here to shed some light on common questions and to provide tips that will make blogging make  sense.

4. Caffeine for Your Brain- We could all use a little inspiration and motivation in between building our blogs and businesses.  This segment will focus on taking a break from the day-to-day and opening your minds to something different.

I hope you're as excited as I am to begin sharing plenty of amazing and helpful content with you!  If you're pumped about it, I would love for you to follow along by adding me to your feed reader or

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Have a splendid day and Welcome!