Coffee and Ideas...They Just Go Together!

This is an open letter to ideas//


Hello Ideas!

My name is Coffee, and I would love to work with you on improving your lifespan.  I sometimes get a bad rap because of my caffeine content and potential addictive qualities, but in moderation (or when you're pulling an all-nighter) I can be your best friend!  You know when people talk about getting their creative juices flowing?  Well they're talking about me;  I'm the creative juice!  We are a power couple because we compliment each other so well and we perform at our highest levels together.  Drinking me keeps people alert thus creating more of you, and the more of you that they have the longer they stay up.  As a result, more of me is needed in the morning!  Really...Coffee and Ideas...we just go together.  I hope I have convinced you to give me a shot...we can create magic together!  If I haven't convinced you, perhaps this free 7x5 download of us together will?



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