5 Strategies To Make Daylight Savings Time Amazing For Your Blog/Biz

"Spring Forward" is a phrase that can also be applied to your blog/biz.  It's great to have all of the extra daylight (queue the sunglasses and margarita's!), but there's also something about breathing in that fresh, clean, spring air to clear your mind of clutter and make room for new ways to approach productivity, goals, etc. in your blog/biz.  I definitely notice a difference in my focus when the weather starts changing and spring rolls in. 

On Sunday morning I was thinking about Daylight Savings and realized that there are a few advantages to it blog/biz wise.  Today I will be counting down the top five strategies that you can utilize to make "Springing Forward" amazing for your blog/biz this season.

5. More coffee, new ideas- Losing an hour of sleep is never fun.  It just isn't.  But you know what is fun?  Drinking coffee!  With the mornings greeting you earlier, you may find yourself frequenting your favorite coffee shop or your coffee pot.  Whatever your preference, why not use this time to try new coffee brands, flavors, brew styles, etc.?  As I say, Coffee and ideas, they just go together!

4.  Get those creative juices pumping- It's a known fact that exercise stimulates your brain and can bring on some great ideas after working out.  Use this to your advantage!  Take an evening stroll around your neighborhood or park to get those creative juices flowing and bring a voice recorder with you so that those ideas don't slip your mind.  It's also nice to breathe in that fresh air, see flowers blooming and trees sprouting.  Nature can be a HUGE source of inspiration, so keep your eyes and ears open and new ideas will be flowing in no time!

3.  Work outside- That's right, carry that laptop or iPad outside for a change of scenery.  Working in the same environment can be uninspiring after a while.  Switch it up by working outside on your patio, front yard, or a cafe patio.  If you decide to work on a cafe patio, you may even meet a new potential client/customer!  Creatives and entrepreneurs tend to migrate to cafe's and coffee shops, so you may also find someone to collaborate with for a blog post, webinar, etc.  Again, keep your eyes and ears open!  You could also meet up with clients/potential clients on these patios later into the evening or have an extended meeting while enjoying the extended daylight.

2.  Sleep when your body says to sleep- Lack of sleep can put a toll on your body, so when you feel the urge to sleep, by all means go to sleep (unless of course you're driving...turn the radio up if that's the case!).  People that are sleep deprived tend not to perform as well as those who get full nights of sleep.  This has a direct effect on creativity.  Are you really putting in your best work if you're falling asleep at the computer?  Absolutely not!  Listen to what your body tells you and get your rest.  Your creative brain will thank you!  And while you're at it, an extra dose of Vitamin D will also fuel your body and contribute to overall health, so bask in the sun for a bit since there's more of it to be seen.  If you plan on basking for a little longer (aka sunbathing), don't forget the sunscreen!

1.  Take better photos- YES!!!  This is my favorite part of springing forward.  An unfortunate thing about "falling back'" is that you lose the daylight earlier.  The lack of daylight does NOT make for a great picture.  By the time you get home (if you work 9-5), the daylight is pretty much nonexistent.  Now that it gets dark around 8:00, there are a few more hours in the evening to take your Instagram and blog post photos (in bulk preferably).  This can be spread throughout the week rather than trying to cram it all into one weekend.  More time on the weekend means more time to do the things that you really want to do like work on new products/services/courses to offer to your audience and of course spend more time with family/friends (or Netflix!). 

So tell me, do you look forward to daylight savings time or do you prefer when it ends?  Tell me in the comments below!

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