Sometimes you need to take your own advice

It’s funny how life works.  You may be the go-to person for advice from your friends and family and you may give the best guidance to everyone.  This is your thing, that’s why they keep coming back!  You know what happens though?  You tend to dish it out but do not apply it yourself.  This is exactly how I’ve been for the last two years.  Today I took a big leap and finally rebranded to Lauren Myers & Co.  This decision was years in the making, I was just holding myself back.  There are a few reasons that I decided to rebrand that I will be discussing today.



I’ve had various iterations of my Graphic Design company for over 10 years (3 different names in fact).  The last name that I used was Color Hug.  At this time, my business had switched from graphic design services to a colorful product line and custom event branding. This was great and the name made perfect sense for my audience, however, things changed and I began focusing on blogging more and selling digital products for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs.  As as result, the name Color Hug didn’t make sense.  I knew this, but I tried to make it work.  I tried to think of a way to make Color Hug fit into a market that it wasn’t even initially created for.  After around 1.5 years, I started thinking that rebranding would be inevitable.  I already knew it needed to happen...I even have a free course on it (The “Heck Yeah!” Guide to Naming Your Blog/Biz), so I knew all of the signs that point you in the direction of a rebrand.  I decided to take my own advice that I have given to those that had signed up for the course.  There were two factors that ultimately gave me the push to rebrand.

1. My former business name wasn’t relevant to where my focus and future direction is. I tried to mold Color Hug into something that didn’t make sense considering what it started out as. A paper goods company turned blogging +automation tips mixed in with digital products just don’t mesh well.

2. I chose to use my name because it literally represents me as a person, not just a face representing a company. This is more personable and since I plan to work with clients 1-on-1, they need to know, like and trust the person, not just the brand.

There are also things that I’ve come to realize during this transition:

  • I can post and send emails on the weekend if I want. If that’s when my audience is available, it makes sense to post during those times. I shouldn’t try to capture their attention when they don’t have the attention to give.  As a result, blog posts on the weekend are not out of the question.
  • A business Instagram account may be more beneficial for me in the phase that I’m in.  I know that I could have switched to a business profile at any time, but if I want to start running ads to get my name out there to more people that have yet to discover my feed/website, doing it under a name that makes more sense for my direction is a better choice.


So here’s what you can expect from Lauren Myers & Co.

  • More time saving tips and strategies.
  • Video training
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Bi-weekly emails (want to start getting the tips that I only share with my list? Sign up here)
  • More digital resources in the shop (including mini email courses)
  • More merch in the shop


So tell me, have you ever gone through a rebrand?  What was the driving force behind it and how did it work out for you?  Tell me in the comments below!