7 Ways to Conquer a Blogging Slump (aka how to give yourself a kick in the pants)

Blogging is something that I enjoy because it’s a great creative outlet and a fun way to connect with people. When your intention for blogging switches from fun and casual to wanting to make money, it turns into a job full of constant commitment.  Problem is, we don’t always feel up to blogging because we get burned out or just plain lose motivation. I talk about productivity all the time, but I’ve never touched on lack of productivity. It’s normal to hit a blogging slump and get out of your groove.  Today I will be sharing 7 ways to conquer a blogging slump.

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1. Receive (Accept)

We don’t give our bodies enough credit.  Bodies are amazing. They know what we need before we do! Sometimes when you hit a slump it's your body telling you to take a break.  Receive the message that your body is giving you and proceed accordingly. I’m a huge advocate of taking time off to reset. Vacations are perfect for this.  Whenever I go on vacation, I always come back so pumped and full of new ideas! I’m not saying to take a vacation every time you take a break from blogging, but giving yourself time away is a necessary part of the creative process.

2. Reflect (Dive Deep)

Sit down and think about why you are really blogging.  Think of what will change for the better in your life if you stick to blogging.  Image the feeling of blogging full-time and making a nice amount of money from it.  Think of the debt that you will eliminate. Think of the increase in quality time you will have with your family.  Whatever it is...whatever your “Why” is…reflect on that. Thinking of your awesome future is a great motivator.

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3. Refer (Chronicle positive feedback)

It’s difficult sometimes to continue blogging when you feel like you aren’t getting any traction or like people aren’t resounding with your messages or content.  Something helpful to do is keep a folder of emails tagged with positive feedback so you can always refer to them as a reminder that your blogging isn’t in vain.  My inbox is set up with positive feedback as the first thing I see when I log in.  I did this by creating a split inbox view in Gmail and showing the Positive Feedback tag first (example image below).  This is a great way to start off your day and help keep your motivation up.

You can also do this on social media by taking screenshots of positive feedback and saving in a special folder on your phone.  This way, when you’re having a hard time staying motivated, you can refer to the positive comments.


4. Refresh (Clean it up)

Changing your work space can help bring back your motivation to blog.  Sometimes we just need a little change in scenery. When you change things up, your brain reacts positively.

As quoted by Sarah Reiff-Hekking:

“...environment predicts a lot of our behavior too.  So what does that mean? It means by changing our environment we can support other changes that we are trying to make and make the changes easier.”

It doesn't even have to be a full room makeover, but even rearranging or just cleaning your desk off can make a world of difference. Throw some new office supplies on that clean desk and you’ll be ready to rock!

5. Read (Get fundamental)

Read a book.  Simple as that. We are attached to our phones and I’m the first to claim digital tools as king BUT sometimes we need to break away and re-familiarize ourselves with a good old-fashioned paperback.  Reading about topics in your blog niche is great, but reading books totally unrelated to your niche is better. Focusing your mind on a different subject gives your brain the opportunity to reset and open you up to new ideas.

6. Research (Educational viewing)

Watch a TED talk or documentary.  TED talks are awesome because they cover a variety of topics.  I love watching TED talks and my 3 year old daughter even likes watching them!  I love to learn about something different, a unique way of approaching a challenge or just different opinions on a subject. TED talks cover all of this and much more!  Documentaries are also a fun way to refresh your brain. I recently watched a documentary on Warren Buffett and was incredibly inspired by it. It helped to light a much needed fire under my butt as a result.

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7. Remove (Ditch familiar surroundings)

Step out of your bubble and visit a new coffee shop or restaurant. Explore your local neighborhoods and be a tourist for the weekend.  Trying new things and exploring new areas can expose you to so much culture and give you an instant boost of ideas and drive to keep blogging. Your brain will appreciate the change and reward you with fresh, new ideas as a result!

What are some things that you do to get out of a blogging slump?  Let me know in the comments!