So you did it! You signed up for a MailChimp account because you heard all over the internet that you need to be building an email list. While this is true, the internet left one HUGE thing out...

What to do with your list.


What they didn't tell you was:

X   How to set up the back end of your MailChimp account and create intuitive email templates.

X   The various types of external opt-in forms to use on your site that play nice with MailChimp and have higher conversion rates than boring old forms embedded in the sidebar.

X   Copywriting techniques for opt-in forms and subscribe buttons.

X   How to fill up your email editorial calendar with content to send to your list for AT LEAST 3 months.


There is a missing link between you and your peeps...


In this self-paced 7 step e-course, you will learn all of these techniques and more and gain clarity on this thing called "Email Marketing" all with the result of creating a party for your peeps in their inbox!

This course is for you if:

❤ You have sent an email or two to your list but don't communicate with them on a consistent basis. The strategies that I will teach you will give you content ideas for AT LEAST 3 months.

❤ You think MailChimp looks overwhelming and you need to make more sense of it. My in-depth tech training modules will iron out all of the backend setup details for you. 

❤ You are tired of using boring, embedded opt-in forms on your website and want to use more visually appealing options. I will show you how to incorporate two different email capturing programs into your site...and these sites are free!

❤ You don't even have a MailChimp account yet, but you have heard how important list building is and want to start building a tribe. Perfect! You are starting out at square one, so you will have a better understanding of email marketing and MailChimp from the beginning of your journey!


No one wants to receive a dull email, so stop sending them out!


Start connecting with your peeps on a more personal level...start engaging them! Join the #EmailParty and take charge of your email marketing!